Our mission at Earth Angel Esthetics is to make our clients glow by invoking the ancient ritual of beauty care as celebrated by women of all cultures and tribes around the world since the beginning of time.  We have savagely sourced some of the most sacred, super potent, highly active, natural ingredients to offer botanical beauty treatments that nourish, soothe, repair, regenerate, and protect the skin cells from within.  We choose inspiration over competition for a stronger community and use ethical practices to protect the planet. 

Unified by a love for the Earth, the plants, and the people who live in it.

Desert Queen

Desert Queen


Welcome! I am Kristen, the Skin Therapist and founder of Earth Angel Esthetics. I have been exploring my healing gifts for over 20 years from massage therapy to plant medicine. I slowly began to fine tune my gifts with a focus on skin care and am excited to be offering my esthetic services in Portland, OR.

My journey w/ plants goes back to my paternal grandmother, Cecilia who had epic peony gardens and a home filled with various Geranium species. Scent memory is a powerful thing! Geranium happens to be my favorite essential oil and excellent for regenerating the skin! On the other side of the family is my beloved maternal grandmother, Louisa who was severely allergic to makeup and had to have her products specially formulated with a natural base. I have a strong visual memory of her magic looking apothecary containers as a child (which invoked me to also make wild skin care concoctions out of mixing anything I could find in the fridge and medicine cabinet). No wonder she had the skin allergies she did considering the US has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1933.

Once I discovered only about 10% of the 10,000 chemicals in personal care products have any safety data I was on a mission to makeover my own makeup cabinet. In 2009 I was even unhappy with the quality and performance of the natural brands that I was buying at the store so I started to experiment with formulation. This is where my herbalist and aromatherapy study began. I fine tuned a small botanical skin care line, Elegant Savage and really began to see the dramatic shifts in my customers skin and overall wellness. My esthetics treatments are not limited to a service but include education and coaching to see miracle results in overall wellness. I want you to feel beauty from within.  My teaching is a reflection that incorporates all of these natural things. My mission is to inspire others to a lifestyle of greater wellness with a passion to bring beauty and joy into the lives all beings.

“Rain in my heart, dirt in my bones, flowers in my soul”