Soak Up The Sea

This was a psychedelic sunset with brazen colors bursting into the Pacific Ocean. I sat there and melted right in to the prismatic waves until every last drop of light faded away.  Water is the giver of life. Since ancient times it has been considered sacred and healing. My roots go back to the Mediterranean where the saltwater, sand, seaweed, mud, and algae were incorporated into  beautifying rituals that go beyond skin deep. Greek Myth says Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty was born from sea foam. 

The sea cures all ailments of man.
— Plato

I know I sure do feel like a goddess when I have a chance to soak up the sea. Here in Baja we have the Pacific Ocean on the west side and in one hour a drive to the east there is the Sea of Cortez, or what I like to call the Sea of Love. This body of water is so blue green and thick with sea salt that I can float weightless for hours. It's a blessing to have access to these healing waters, and the whales think so too as a thousand new baby gray whales were born just this last year in Mexico. This was an endangered species that is being re-populated thanks to the magic of this place.

Find an ocean if you can and soak up her mystery. Sea salts draw impurities from the innermost layers of the skin, detoxifying and cleansing all at once. Bathing using sea salt makes your skin softer and more supple than you ever would have imagined, and over time, can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. Bathing in sea salts moisturizes dry, chapped skin, and balances oily skin.

Sea salt contains:

  • Calcium, known for its health effects on bones and teeth but seldom known for its ability to deep-clean the pores in our skin.

  • Bromide, a mineral known for soothing the skin.

  • Potassium aids in the reduction of water retention

  • Iodine regulates metabolic processes on a cellular level.

  • These and a host of other minerals condition the skin from the inside out.

Can you hear the Siren's Song? 

If you are all land and legs at the moment Earth Angel Esthetics has you covered for your sea therapy needs where your mermaid tail will prevail.  Our Apollonian inspired “Siren Song” Facial includes a French Green Clay Mud Mask, (known as Sea Clay) rich in minerals from iron oxide, and green algae. Green algae is known to be hydrating, detoxifying and full of minerals to stimulate tired skin. Mud therapy is one of my favorite beauty rituals, especially when I am visiting a body of water as I can cover my whole body in it and connect to my tribal roots. The guys like this ritual too. 

You can also add a "Siren Song" Sol glow to take home. Siren Song by Elegant Savage is a Mediterranean sourced salt polish w/ healing botanical essence like Cypress, Rosemary, Bergamot, Grapeseed, and Olive Oil. It is also available to purchase and enjoy at home. 

Our line is not limited to the far away Mediterranean sourced ingredients, but as I am currently in Baja we have a locally sourced mud mask and the Mexi-Cali Mint Salt Scrub with salt from the Sea of Cortez plus essence of Mint, Basil, and Hibiscus for a cooling, refreshing, feel.  

So as you soak up the sea, sing songs of the siren, and try not to make too many ships crash from your alluring beauty!